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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  July 8, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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miss megan is up next. please always remember that the spin stops right here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, colorado gives president obama the cold shoulder in a scene that suggests this president is in real trouble politically. welcome to the kelly file, everyone. i'm megyn kelly. president obama touching down a short time ago, landing in denver colorado. where in 2008 there was a moment during the democratic national convention where tens of thousands cheered a man who had convinced the world he was a very different sort of leader.
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♪ [ applause ] >> that moment on that stage that many compared to a greek temple was undeniably electric. photographed endlessly, shown around the world. but now, this was the scene as president obama arrived in denver tonight, no big welcoming committee, off the plane and straight into the car, to attend a pricy fund-raiser tomorrow for colorado senator mark udall. but you didn't see senator udall at the airport. even though he was all too happy to campaign for and with senator obama back in 2008. tonight his busy work schedule will only permit an appearance at that private fund-raiser.
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where no media cameras are allowed. the same goes for democratic governor of colorado john hickenlooperer who is up for re-election, and it's said to be a tight race. seems his schedule was just too jam packed as well to appear with the president. even though he was the host of the invesco field extravaganza in 2008. as for andrew romanoff, the former state house speaker in colorado, now running for a seat in the u.s. congress and he is also apparently just too busy to meet the president. what are we to make of this? brit hume is our senior fox news political analyst. what a difference. i know you were there. you were our elite anchor during the 2008 festivities. you were there, and i was there, i remember standing in the crowds, the enthusiasm, the enthusiasm, the belief that this was going to be a different man, a different politician, he was
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going to change the future of this country and as promised,ed world. here are shots of me taking in the crowd. what a difference now. i realize getting off the plane on a tarmac is a different experience. these are democrats who don't want to be seen with him. >> at the moment, this president is politically radioactive. he is confronted with as bad a set and extensive a set of woes and troubles as a president i can imagine. i suppose if you posit franklin roosevelt at the same time, those two events were huge, of course, he had to confront both of them. and had been for some time, this latest array. you can barely count them all, between the va and the terrible situation in the middle east. iraq and syria, israel and the palestinians. israel is on high alert tonight, because the situation deteriorating. you know, you have russia on the march, although he may have gotten a bit of a break on that. you have this horrible situation
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on the border, and the terrible political dilemma it brings with it, not to mention the -- i didn't mention the va scandal. the irs situation is percolating again. i mean, this is quite a catalog. and quite a burden for him. he, therefore, is quite a burden on those who are seeking re-election this year. >> is this -- has he just failed? has he just failed in his job as the president? >> well, if you're judging by the results, i mean, you start with the economy, this was job one, i think by everybody's estimation. that was the issue that elected him, and not all the grandiose promises about changing the world. we had a terrible recession that got horribly worse in the middle of the election campaign. that's what elected the man. and we have had a recovery that began soon after he was elected and it's turned out to be the most -- the dreeriest slowest recovery that we've had since world war ii. it's still dragging on.
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we had the economy shrink in the first quarter of this year, unemployment, it came down, the rate came down as persistently high. these are very negative conditions, you look at that, he hasn't -- that's a failing. the scandals taken together add up to a series of failures. you look around the world, i mean, he's leaving afghanistan, but his departure from iraq hasn't left the situation -- it's way worse than the situation he inherited there, across the middle east, you have all these troubles. these are bad results this this is -- and the president for better or worse gets the blame, the political blame and the credit for how things go in the world and in the country on his watch. >> how about the democrats? i mean, john hickenlooperer stood up there before -- actually, we have a sound bite cued up. this is the man who tonight won't be seen with the president talking about barack obama back in 2008 at invesco. >> the new ideas and leaderships of barack obama have electrified
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this region. new ideas and leadership for america that appeals to our optimism, our entrepreneurial spirit and rugged individualism. >> they electrified denver, and now tonight -- i would love to be -- i'm busy. >> just doing this with these guys, is like a fish in a barrel. >> how would you know? he would have been public, he goes off to behind closed doors. that's whey mean, a hypocrite. >> this is the hard reality of being president. when you're riding high, they all want to be seen with you, and when you're not riding high, you remain within your party a fund-raising superstar, they're already with you behind closed doors, they want the money you can raise, and all presidents can. but they don't want to be seen with you in public. politics is tough business. >> if i was the president, i would start my meeting with senator udall behind doors that says, this is not friendship. i have to go. >> thank you.
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>> the latest problem in his second term is the press at our southern border, you heard brit mention it. even the president's own party is criticizing him for a failure to act. the president has agreed now to meet with texas governor rick perry in texas tomorrow, to address the illegal immigration crisis. but will not actually go to the border. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry just filed this report. >> the big problem for the president tonight is his judgment is being increasingly questioned, not just by republicans, but democrats. the house democratic whip steny hoyer today saying it may be a photo op, it could be a good idea for the president to go to the border while he's in texas on wednesday and thursday. hoyer, the democratic leader, a normal ally of the president saying, look, at the very least it will show the president is concerned about this crisis. another democratic congressman, henry quayar of texas said this
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could be the president's katrina moment. this could cripple his presidency in the second term just like katrina did for george w. bush. >> how do you react to that, there's sort of government -- just being paralyzed right now, not being able to fix this. >> right. >> i think the steps that this government has announced, not just today, but over the last week or so, are indicative of our proactive approach to dealing with this situation. >> the president today did take a big step by asking congress for $3.7 billion to deal with this crisis, but while he's in texas, they'll have a different kind of money on his mind. three different fund-raisers for various democratic entities ahead of the midterm elections. we should point out his top adviser wrote to rick perry saying, the president's willing to meet with him and talk about immigration in texas. still no plans to visit the border, he's got a lot of time on his schedule for this fund-raising, including a big texas bbq fund-raiser, that
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costs individuals $10,000. $32,000 for couples. pretty pricy bbq fp. >> sure is. henry quayar says he hopes the southern border crisis does not become president obama's katrina. what are the odds of that. the white house responded saying, they are taking a proactive approach. they don't think your criticism is fair? >> we appreciate that he asked for that money, it's up to congress or us, the appropriators to decide how much money we're going to go ahead and appropriate, it doesn't take away, when you have a crisis, that person, that leader is going to be defined on how he or she handles that crisis. and i think by rolling up his sleeves and going down there -- and i understand, he's doing fund-raising, and i thank him as a democrat for doing that, but he could get on air force one
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right after the last fund-raiser, get on air force one, go down to the border, take half an hour, 45 minutes at most to fly down there, and then go see the situation. i think that's going to be very important. >> well, he's busy. valerie jarrett has written to governor perry, who was critical of the president and said, look, she said, that dhs secretary jeh johnson has travelled to the border on five visits, the sixth visit is planned for friday. secretary kerry also met with leaders from three central american nations last week in panama. look, this is her talking about a humanitarian situation down there. in any event she says, other administration officials are doing their part, it's not necessary for president obama himself to tour the border. >> well, again, i do appreciate secretary johnson, he has been down there at the border, and i appreciate that. again, let's look at what the facts are, in may of this year about 48,000 people were
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detained just on the texas border by border patrol. 9,700 of them were kids with no parents. june, the latest numbers we had about 47,000 individuals detained on the border. and about 99,000 were kids. we're still seeing the same flow of individuals coming down. and when you have that type of flow. by the way, it didn't just happen the last week, i mean, they had notices about this, the white house had notice about this for a year, there was a report that came out on this. and, therefore, i still feel that the leader, in this case, the president should go down there, get on air force one, he's in texas, it shouldn't be that long. i know texas is big, he could get on air force one, be there in half an hour, and go see the border and there's -- >> why can't he understand what's happening at the border based on reports he gets from secretary johnson, from you, why does he need to see it with his own two eyes?
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>> again, if anything, it's optics and i think that people on the border, the people on the border want to see the president down there to make sure that he understands. and i think by having that individual, you can send surrogates any time, and again, the good folks that are going down there, i think they want to see them. listen, every day we're getting about 1,200 individuals crossing the border, down there in texas, and 20% of them are kids coming in with no parents. when you see the kids there, and you see the situation, it's a humanitarian crisis, at the same time, it has homeland security concerned. so we have to look at it. >> well, we put that full screen up, that picture of valerie jarrett's letter to governor perry calling this a humanitarian situation. up until now, the white house has been recognizing this is a crisis and referring to it as such. if you listen to the sound bites it goes back, crisis, emergency, now suddenly it's turned into a situation instead of a crisis.
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which is having some folks wondering whether they're trying to change the messaging in the wake of the president's refusal to go. and see it with his own two eyes. representative cuellar, thank you for being here. breaking news in minutes, concerning costco's decision to yank all copies of a new book. we showed you part of the movie, he had a book that went with it, and costco apparently isn't interested. plus, why has one of the most powerful groups of women in america decided to go after a group of nuns who spend their lives providing hospice care for the elderly? now is here tonight in a must see segment just ahead. >> if they are on their own, no one to speak for them, no one to stand up, and express to the world and show the world that these people are still valuable. really... so our business can be on at&t's network for $175 dollars a month?
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breaking tonight, the kelly files just un covering new developments on the decision by costco to pull the book "america" by dinesh desousa. costco's cfo tonight saying that the book will go back on store
9:17 pm
shelves in the next few weeks and denying it was removed for political reasons. he's a producer of america, which we featured on this program last week. good to see you again, tonight after we reached out to costco and asked them about these reports, they denied that it was pulled for political purposes. they said the book sales were shoddy, and the reason -- and they said that now in the wake of the controversy, they will be reordering the books. your take on it? >> they released the book on june 1st and then pulled it on july 1st, which happened to cone side with the release of the film. it would have been nice if they gave it a week or two to see how it did. and we're finding out right now,
9:18 pm
that it's on track to be a bestseller. >> it's at the top of amazon's bestseller list. it's number one. but apparently those sales were not convincing to costco or they weren't willing to see how the book did once a huge movie was relea released. do you smell a rat here or what? >> yeah, it smells like smoke. i would imagine there's something there, because with the outcry across the country now, it's amazing that costco waited this long to come back and say that they were going to get it out. all i heard all day from every contact i had was that they had pulled the books. the timing was strange. i didn't like it, and i -- if i was -- kind of strange it happened that way. >> the movie, the viewers should know, they haven't seen the films yet. it takes on the ideas about
9:19 pm
america that some on the left, in particular the far left have. they don't believe in american exceptionalism. they think we're a country based on theft and all sorts of nefarious actions, the movie tries to debunk those claims. the former ceo of costco is a big democratic donor and a huge obama donor and donor to president obama's pac, super pack that got him elected. see any connection between those facts? >> well, i see a connection, certainly. but right now they're talking about within two weeks. they're going to have the book back in the stores again, why wait the two weeks. why not do it right now. i'll be suspect until i see it happen. even then i'll be suspect of why they did this in the first place. >> hillary clinton, her book is still there. which has disappointed sales,
9:20 pm
but she did still wind up on the bestseller's list, however, let me challenge you with this. dr. ben carson's book, he's on the costco board, but his book stayed in costco and he's a controversial figure for some in the left as well. >> i think it's all cover for them. you're absolutely correct. hillary clinton's book is all over the place. it's not been a successful run for her. so i found it a little bit strange that when i looked around for dinesh's book it wasn't there. and this morning, it kind of blew up all over the place that had been pulled. >> well, she was also on the new york times bestseller's list. gerald mullen, great to see you, good luck with the film.
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first on the kelly file tonight, we're learning that former president jimmy carter has agreed to give a speech hosted by the islamic society of north america, an organization tied to the muslim brotherhood. the controversy does not end there. brian mo ryan morrow, why is this controversial?
9:25 pm
>> because of who the islamic society of north america is. this is an entity of the u.s. muslim brotherhood, if you look at their speaker lineup, and the officials with the organization itself. you find a consistent pattern of preachers who say that sharia law should be instituted. who have defended hamas, who have slandered the u.s. military. two of the speakers are from an organization known as care. this is not a moderate organization that is worthy of the prestige. >> just looking at the list of speakers, you're telling me that the former president of the united states is going to get up there along with this imam who said, if only muslims were clev
9:26 pm
clever p clever politically they could take over the united states. they question whether fallen u.s. soldiers should be honored at all on memorial day? >> same event. how does this happen? it's hard to get the attention of a former president of the united states. it's broader than jimmy carter, the bush administration had some cooperative enterprises with this organization. >> right, after 9/11. >> after rick warren had spoken at an event with them. they got a videotaped address from a very special guest. president obama, this is a bipartisan problem. there is a serious problem with the vetting process, people are not paying attention to the ideology -- >> some of these leaders came out and said, i condemn jihad, al qaeda, i don't like those
9:27 pm
tactics, many believe while they have these views about islamic law, they're not as extreme. they could be a good outreach middleman to that other group. >> i think that's reaching very far to consider them moderate. just because you condemn al qaeda, does not mean that suicide bombings are justified. you look at the things that they're saying on twitter, things they said in their speeches and it's very extreme. and i would also point out that according to a poll in 2011, only 4% of muslim american males and 7% of muslim american females, picked this organization as their best representative. so it's an argument that we are the representatives, the muslim american community. you need to cater to us. no. >> thanks for being here. we have breaking news tonight on the al qaeda offshoot
9:28 pm
that just formed the world's first terrorist state. author brad thor and ralph peters here together on the news that this group now has its sights set directly on the united states. plus, the little sisters of the poor is a group of catholic nuns who have dedicated their lives to caring for the elderly and the ill. just ahead, see why these sisters are now being targeted by the national organization of women. now is here next. kid: hey dad, who was that man? dad: he's our broker. he helps look after all our money. kid: do you pay him? dad: of course. kid: how much?
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the supreme court ruling on hobby lobby. the supreme court siding with the company not to provide four out of 20 contraception devics s due to religious freedom. now there's a dirty 100 list. on that list, the sisters of the poor. >> it's our life. when the people you care for --
9:33 pm
the others are at risk if they're on their own, no one to speak for them. no one to stand up and express to the world and show the world that these people are still valuable. they're god's creation. and whatever faith persuasion, they have a home here. >> joining me now, patricia ireland. really, patricia? >> really, megyn. they're on the list with car companies, management companies, food companies like fresh foods and contractors, all kinds of actually 100 entities that have brought suit to try to overturn the birth control mandate in the affordable care act. >> the nuns are opposed to birth control, it's a shock. they operate homes in 31 countries where they provide care for over 13,000 needy,
9:34 pm
elderly persons, many of whom are dying. dirty? dirty? you stand by that? >> i think that when they -- it's a take off on the dirty dozen, maybe we should have called it the dirty eight dozen plus four. >> maybe we should disagree. >> the dirty trick is that they are trying to take their religious beliefs and impose them on their employees. they can opt out, file a form with the government and say we opt. >> if they do that, they have to sign a form that allows that contraception coverage to be provided by another group. the nuns, crazy nuns that they are, they're strict about their rule following, they see that as an endorsement. >> bless their heart. >> just these few forms of birth control? >> no, they don't want any forms of birth control. and they've lost the battle of persuasion with women, 98% of
9:35 pm
catholic women use birth control. >> but we don't all expect -- >> highly correlated with maternal and infant mortality, that is death. >> right, i know -- risky behavior -- >> violence. >> has risks. for a long, long time, a lot of women -- >> they shouldn't -- >> a lot of women engaged in sexual behavior and didn't expect their boss to pay for it. >> a lot do too, if they use birth control and have an unintended pregnancy they are at higher risk for domestic violence. >> are you shocked? >> not shocked at all, but they don't have to decide that they can't opt out. they're saying their employees should not be covered by a law that covers all other employees. why not -- >> they don't want to sign a permission slip. >> why not opt out. >> because they're nuns? >> are you catholic? i am.
9:36 pm
we follow rules, it's not a religion for wusses. the little sisters know that. >> the supreme court sided with the little sisters, patricia. >> the supreme court said that because the affordable care act has an opt out provision, that that's okay, and then the little sisters of the poor are saying we don't want to noll that opt out provision. >> so far the little sisters are winning. so far they are winning in their legal challenge. let me ask you this. >> bless their heart. i'm glad they're doing good, bless their heart there. >> can you understandhe challenge? let's say that the law. groups like hobby lobby, for example, they saw these four forms of birth control, they terminate a fertilized egg. they saw that as a form of abortion, they weren't just objecting to the birth control pill. they said the ones that -- let me get the question out, why is that so bad. how far would your group take it? should the law require them to
9:37 pm
pay for actual abortions? >> all they have to do is opt out. and the reality is -- >> should it? >> okay, but let me give my answer, i let you get your question out. if they -- their beliefs that an iud or morning after pill works against a fertilized egg is not scientifically based. >> really? >> they don't get to impose it on -- >> doesn't the iud get the fertilized egg off the uterus, that's the end of the fertilized egg? >> no, you need to do a little medical research. >> maybe i do. i always thought the iud ends the fertilized egg. >> the reality is this law is of general applicability. >> i hear you dodging away, patricia. come back. i want you -- >> i'm not dodging at all. >> i want you to answer my question. theoretical theoretically, under your argument, should the law, should
9:38 pm
president obama -- should those who backed obama care be able to force companies like hobby lobby for example, into paying for abortions. that too could be risky if a woman wants an abortion and she can't get one? >> well, if there is an opt out provision that allows them to continue -- but see, i have a problem. they can opt out, i have a problem with corporations who accept the benefits of being a corporation, but then turn around and say, no, no, i'm an individual. corporations don't have religious beliefs. >> they do. and i think the court ruled against you on that. >> i don't think -- i know that, but i don't think that a supreme court decision affects the reality, that that takes it to its illogical conclusion that a corporation is a person. >> do you think roe versus wade affected the reality of people's situations? you have no faith in the supreme court when it comes to hobby lobby. but i bet you love the roe
9:39 pm
versus wade decision. >> i think the roe versus wade decision was correctly decided in terms of women's autonomy and freedom and -- >> well, the other side says that supreme court decision does not affect their reality, that life begins at conception. >> and they don't have to pay for anything they don't want to -- >> but they do have to abide by the law and respect the rule of law as pronounced by the u.s. supreme court. >> yes, we have separation of church and state. >> yes. as do you many in the hobby lobby decision. >> i do. >> patricia, listen -- >> i have the right to say these people are wrong and to not patronize -- >> you do. i agree with that, i love that about this country. why are you calling a group of nuns dirty, it's bad? >> hey, it's like the dirty dozen, it's a bad reference perhaps, but it's not saying -- >> okay. i'll pass that on to the little sisters who's lawyer we've had on the program. >> i love hospice work, i love
9:40 pm
what they do, and i'm glad to be on your show. >> thanks for coming on. chris steiger walt joins us now. he's our digital editor from they american the it lovingly, it the dirty nuns. i don't know what to make of this. politically, how is this playing out, because these democrats are organizing against that hobby lobby decision? >> they need it. they want it, look. you pointed out tonight the president can't even get a speeding ticket in denver, no one wants to show up to see him as he arrives in colorado. that's because his approval rating stinks on ice, he's got a 38% in colorado, a state he carried twice. how do you win? you win by using social issues, divisive web issues, especially to scare your voters. in colorado in 2010, really, two
9:41 pm
times the democrats have saved their control of the u.s. senate by using social issues, and using scare tactics, colorado's a great example. they broke the republican wave in 2010 in colorado, talking about social issues and getting women to vote in extra large numbers, what they're doing with the hobby lobby stuff and the morning after pill and all of that business relates to frightening women voters to say, you better get out there, and you better vote for the democrats or they're going to take your birth control away. >> they love to pit us against one another. they love nothing more than to pit woman against woman, when it comes to an issue like our bodies and birth control, rather than acknowledging there can be two reasonable people on both sides of this aisle who just see some place to disagree in the middle and an accommodation to be provided for the most devout among us. mr. stirewalt nice to see you. the breaking news from
9:42 pm
washington tonight on what this powerful new terror group in the middle east is now reportedly plotting for america. they have no strategy, nor could they articulate a strategy to counter what our intelligence estimates are over time will be a direct threat ♪ ♪ ♪ great rates for great rides. geico motorcycle, see how much you could save.
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[ female announcer ] stay strong, stay active with boost. an al qaeda offshoot just declare declar declared they have set their sights directly on us. brad thor, a former member of the homeland security department's red cell unit and author of the new novel act of war. thank you so much for being here. colonel peters. your thoughts, it doesn't seem to come as a huge surprise that this jihadist group now taking over iraq wants to destroy
9:46 pm
america. >> well, they purely do want to destroy america or certainly convert america. but it's also a matter of how you get ahead in jihad world. i -- the islamic state formally known as isis just broke out of the minors into the major leagues. to win the world championship, you have to hit the american homeland. at the same time, the threat has increased from all the other competitors. old al qaeda, other splinter groups, the only way they make a comeback is to hit america. because of isis' success, you have all these groups driving to hit us. even though the feds have done a good job of protecting the homeland, sooner or later, they will get through, because we have let our guard down, not on our borders, but in the middle east, when we see this new califate which is galvanizing, not only radical, but devout
9:47 pm
muslims. >> what do we do? sit here and wait for an attack or do we bring the war to them? because president obama has shown no appetite for the latter? >> no, we absolutely should be bringing the war to them, megyn and the big black flag they're flying over there should be a selector for our drones. we should be smoking them left, right and center. let's stop focusing on boots on the ground and get sandals on the ground. let's try to -- we're at a deficit we've led a lot of our intelligence networks go away. we cashed out, we left, we washed our hands of and we're gone. we're at a deficit. >> why do you think that actually happened? do you think? i know president obama wanted us out of iraq, as did 72% of the american people, but as the commander in chief, he knows a lot more than we do. if you would think he knew we needed that to stay safe, he would keep it. >> when he did this whole apology tour and went to cairo first. if we open our hand, extend our
9:48 pm
hand we'll unclench their fists. obama has no stomach for governing. this is the whole clint eastwood empty chair thing from 2012. he is not even on the field of battle, not on the field of play, and he doesn't care. this to him is a minor issue, nothing to be worried about, but the question we need to ask is when are we going to get serious about going after bad guys. is it only after we're burying dead americans after the next 9/11. >> i know you think this is a legacy issue? >> i really do. i really have come along on this. for a long time i thought it was naivety, politics, disinterest. but clearly to me at least, he's obsessive about what remains of this legacy. he's clinging to the idea that he's a guy that ended america's wars abroad. and i really think that now that that played into his decision not to allow the military to try
9:49 pm
to rescue our people in benghazi. certainly plays into his attempt to resurrect the dead corpse of iraq, instead of going after isis. the only thing i differ on the issue with brad is, drones aren't enough. have you to hit these guys with hard air power and hard and heavy with fixed wing aircraft and do it extensively, if you don't do that. if obama allows the emergence of this califate, the world's first true terror state, that is going to be his legacy, and it's going to be a bloody ugly one for america. >> if i can. ralph has hit it on the head. i have a dear, dear friend of mine who left the intelligence world because he got fed up with all the bureaucracy and the desire, not a strong enough desire by the obama administration to go after these bad guys, and what was the final straw for limb, he saw something, and i won't say what agency it was at. but in somebody's cube, this was a highly placed person, close to the power structure of this agency, there was a sign that
9:50 pm
said big ops, big problems, small ops, small problems, no ops, no problems. that is the long game of the obama administration to run out the clock, not get themselves in any more trouble, maybe do these litt and there. the bowe bergdahl thing which was a disaster. and claim that as a win for the united states. >> that was a strategy that did not work out well. still to come tonight, the not so subtle message to the white house from a group of truck owners. truck owners. watch this. eachwon't have a claim.wners that's why allstate claim free rewards gives you money back for every year you don't have one. and why if you're part of the other 5%, allstate offers claim rateguard.
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we've seen a number of stories recently about some steaming mad truck owners upset with the president and the epa's clean air regulations. we asked trace gallagher to explore a group called the coal rollers. what did you find? >> some say they roll coal because it's fun. some are doing it because they're making a political statement. nature nuffy's, the ones who hate on hummers, trucks and suvs. the black soot spuled by coal rollers is prius repellant. it's increased to provide fuel to the engine. the extra fuel that burns off as thick black smoke. the cost of rigging your rig to roll coal can be about $5,000. all so you can do this, watch.
9:55 pm
the epa says it's not only illegal, it's unhealthy, tampering with vehicle pollution controls is against the law. tailpipe pollution uncontrolled by emissions reductions technology contains high levels of soot and smog forming chemicals which are linked to premature death. yet the popularity of coal rolling appears to be exploding. because google searches of coal rolling have increased 700% in one year. because of the bad publicity they're taking coal rolling out of their club's name, because they're out to have fun and raise a little money for a children's hospital. >> now, that is dirty. thanks, trace. >> that's the dirty 100. >> now, that's dirty. we'll be right back, plus hannity at the top of the hour.
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i was just on web md, it turns out the uid not only takes care of sperm, but it does make the uterine lining inappropriate for implantation. i wanted to clear that up,
10:00 pm
because there was a debate about it. as we mentioned earlier, the president is in texas tomorrow at this time. and senator ted cruz will join us live to respond. don't forget to go kellyfiles. welcome to hannity, and this is a fox news alert, the influx of illegal immigrants has now reached the tipping point. president obama will meet with governor perry tomorrow. i will be in dallas texas tomorrow for the first cable one on one with the president. and then after that, governor perry takes me on a tour of the border to show you, our viewers, just how bad things have gotten. in a moment we'll be joined by former governor sarah palin. she says it's time to impeach barack obama. >> the pressure grew more intense on president obama